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My G.P. Was To Investigate Morgellons Before He Died...Doctor Confirms Morgellons Have Ehlers-Danlos

Dr Mathewos Abraham Was Prepared To Investigate Morgellons Just Days Before He Died...

On 31st October 2011 my husband handed in a document at my G.P. practise, showing one of the numerous unexplained and unidentified sores that I have suffered from for over 20 years. On this document I included the problems with my skin, my Ehlers-Danlos etc. plus my fears about Morgellons. The next day we spoke in Dr Abrahams' consulting room. He told us that he had been on my web site www.morgellonsthetruth.com and said that the images are "horrifying!" He was quite shook up. He asked me if they were parasites.

Dr Abraham checked the sore on my back. He was clearly perturbed. He saw with his own eyes the plugs protuding.  Dr Abraham told us that he had never seen anything like it. He said that he would refer me to a dermatologist but he wasn't sure which one.

Dr Gilmour at Tameside General Hospital had discharged me without any tests or treatment. Dr Ho at Manchester Royal Infirmary suggested that I see Prof Marks who wanted to do tests on my sores many years ago but Steve Allinson at Pennine Health Authority refused funding out of the area. Dr Abraham and myself have tried to find Prof Marks without success. Dr Abraham was unsure which Dermatologist to send me to. As we left, he shook my hand and vowed to find out about Morgellons.

Sadly Dr Abraham died just a few days later. R.I.P. Dr Abraham x

We have been informed that Dr Abraham died of natural causes on Monday 7th November 2011

Please read the document that Dr Abraham was given just days before he died.

3rd August 2011

Not in the best of moods and still groggy after just two hours sleep, we arrived at the hospital on time for my appointment. Armed with my recorders I was ready for whatever lay ahead of me. I’ll probably be classed as mentally insane when I ask her about Morgellons, I thought.

The consultant was evasive … I told her that it was not right that I had to find out that I had a brain deformity by going through old files… “but you’ve had that since you were born” she said. Uh! As if that makes it right. “Well it’d helped if I’d known earlier!” I cried…

I was revving up for the biggy. My mind drifted as I imagined an army of guys in white suits running in with a straight jacket. “Just one more thing, have you heard of Morgellons?” I gulped. “Erm, I believe that most of them have Ehlers-Danlos, those that I have spoken to are double-jointed” I was beginning to sound like a bumbling idiot. I mean it’s not easy talking about something that the medical profession has classed as lunacy for decades is it? Nodding her head in agreement as she confirmed my suspicions… She suddenly had a look of weariness about her. She stared into my eyes with deep sincerity as she continued to say “There are so many people out there. We are bursting, literally bursting at the seams. It’s horrendous”. I was floored by her response, for once I was stuck for words…

Back at home I lay there, physically and mentally exhausted. I needed the truth but I’d rather have been classified as insane than have my suspicions confirmed. What had I got myself into? Chemtrails? 44 microbiologists found dead in suspicious circumstances and a microbiologist that I had ‘worked’ with in hiding. What is going on!...

Just like all those years ago, the deeper I dug, the dirtier it got. I thought about the time I was threatened and that men with guns would be round if I did not shut up. “I’ve nothing to lose”. I said that then and the same goes now. This is not just my home town though; this is more serious and it involves the whole world…

Extract from MORGELLONS The TRUTH.

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