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What we believe we are seeing is the result of how our brains define what is real or not real. Optical illusions are an example of how our brains accept what is/is not reality. If we do not understand what we see, our brains fill in the missing pieces with what we have have seen, heard, thought to be true.

The pictures on this web site are horrific to the untrained eye and mind but remaining rational is an important factor in finding the truth. Knowing that there must be a logical explanation for these unidentifiable objects spurred me on. I refused to believe that something 'weird' had invaded my body, therefore my mind refused to see what others in the same situation saw.

A Dermatologist found Pemphigoid antibodies in my blood. Certain chemicals in vaccinations and medicinal drugs, penicillin etc. trigger the lesions and symptoms. I am in the 'Pre' BP stage and the lesions are 'ulcerations' as opposed to blisters. It is a hypersensitivity immune problem supposedly to be extremely rare, esp in younger people. Initially it can be mistaken for Hives or Psoriasis etc. I have had ‘Hives’ from childhood. Studies have found that this condition can affect the brain and cause neurological and mental health disorders, dementia etc. 

I started with these sores in 1991 after a series of dental injections that I had a reaction to. After the 4th injection of Lignocaine (Lidocaine) the reaction was the most severe.  I felt like I was dying. My hair fell out, my body was covered in Hives, bruises and tiny pin prick spots. My hair started falling out. A blood test arranged by Dr Venning at Withington Hospital in Manchester showed kidney failure. He did not believe the result was mine and told me that there had been a 'mix up' at the lab. However the path lab said that it was impossible to mix up the tests results. Dr Venning arranged a routine follow up appointment and arranged another blood test. This showed that my C3 and C4 levels were low. Dr Vennings secretary informed me that Dr Venning would not see me again unless I signed a document saying that I would not sue him. I still have this recording on micro-tape. These sores have caused a lot of suffering over the years. Some last for months, some for years. My back is covered in white scars. I had to pay to have a scar on my nose to be removed many years ago. The sore on my nose has returned. On the 7th December 2011 Dr Soby a genetic dermatologist thought that this sore was Basal Cell Carcinoma.

There is growing evidence that the Demodex mite causes skin problems exacerbated by a secondary bacterial infection. Demodex causes mange in animals. Almost all humans carry the Demodex mite.


Sore on shoulder Sore on my shoulder that I have suffered from for over a year. Dr Gilmour and a G.P. Dr Gutteridge (Dermatology Dept at Tameside General Hospital) noted this sore in March 2011. They refused to test the plugs that form inside these sores and discharged me with a course of antibiotics. x20 zoom
Sore on shoulder showing plugs x20 zoom Sore on Shoulder. Plugs are visible with the naked eye x20 zoom
close up of plug from sore x400 zoom Close up of plug from sore on shoulder x400 zoom
Sore on shoulder 'weeping' x20 zoom Sore on shoulder 'weeping'. x20 zoom
Plugs in sore shoulder x20 zoom Plugs in sore on my shoulder x20 zoom
Blue fiber embedded in skin x400 zoom  x400 zoom


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