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Ear Infection

What we believe we are seeing is the result of how our brains define what is real or not real. Optical illusions are an example of how our brains accept what is/is not reality. If we do not understand what we see, our brains fill in the missing pieces with what we have have seen, heard, thought to be true.

The pictures on this web site are horrific to the untrained eye and mind but remaining rational is an important factor in finding the truth. Knowing that there must be a logical explanation for these unidentifiable objects spurred me on. I refused to believe that something 'weird' had invaded my body, therefore my mind refused to see what others in the same situation saw.

In April 2013 my G.P. noted a hard lump deep under my chin. He said that my salivary gland is swollen and diagnosed a submandibular infection. He explained how it had spread to other glands causing the severe pain and swelling in my face and ears. The following week I paid £165 to see Dr Colin Pease at the Nuffield Hospital in Leeds. He said that my facial swelling is Urticaria.

'Bullous pemphigoid is characterized by large, tense bullae, but may begin as an urticarial eruption'

Why have ALL the doctors at Tameside General Hospital failed to test/diagnose for Bullous Pemphigoid? Many of the doctors, including Dermatologists have, albeit briefly, examined my skin lesions.

Despite still suffering repeatededly, the E.N.T. Dept. at Tameside General Hospital have discharged me without further investigations and treatment, allowing me to suffer unnecessarily... again.


Black fiber from ear appears to have reflective core x400 zoom Black fiber from ear x 400 zoom.
Swollen ears x20 zoom x20 zoom
Strange hair/fiber from inside ear x400 zoom hairx400 zoom
Point of strange hair/fiber from inside ear x400 zoom x400 zoom
Strange hair/fiber from inside ear x20 zoom dark wax coloured hair from ear. x20 zoom


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