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About Me

I was born with Ehlers-Danlos that has only recently been diagnosed. I also have other health problems that have caused me a lot of pain and suffering, including Bullous Pemphigoid that has taken at least 20 years to diagnose.

Why was my healthly womb removed?

I was informed that I had Carcinoma-in-Situ and I agreed to a hysterectomy. My womb was removed in January 1985 when I was just 29 years of age. John Saxby the Chief Executive of Pennine Acute Hospitals N.H.S. has sent me documentation that states that I only had CIN11 in my cervix not Carcinoma in Situ that I was told I had. Why did they remove my womb?

Over the years I have suffered neglect from the medical professionals and the healthcare system.

In Brief: -

  • In 1982 doctors did not believe that I was in premature labour for at least three days. Two monitors that monitor labour were broken. My daughter was born with cerebral palsy.
  • In 1985 I had a hysterectomy. A large abscess developed on my surgical wound.I suffered for three days before the abscess was excised as it was thought that I just had the flu. Initially I was administered the wrong antibiotics.
  • A few years later, still in the eighties, I had severe problems with my neck that eventually I received treatment for. The x-ray showed early onset osteoarthritis. However, the consultant discharged me and stopped treatment because I could (and still can) put my hands flat on the floor with my legs straight. This flexibility and early-onset osteoarthritis are both features of Ehlers-Danlos.
  • In 1992 I had suffered from severe abdominal pain for a number of years before doctors believed that I was genuinely physically ill. Doctors had to operate immediately to remove my right ovary that was found to be stuck between my vagina and bowel. It also had a cyst on it.
  • In 1984 I told the consultant that I had a problem with certain foods. He has noted this in my hospital file. He also commented that I need a psychiatrist. I was finally diagnosed with Diabetes in 2004.
  • Severe abdominal pains over the following years were yet again dismissed by doctors. I explained that it felt like a ball was moving around inside me. Eventually my husband had to pay £1500 for a M.R.I. scan that found a growth the size of a tennis ball on my left ovary (with 'features of malignancy' but fortunately benign). This was eventually removed in 2008.
  • In 2008 I had another infection in my surgical wound and I am still suffering without any treatment or investigations. I have had to resort to uploading a video on the Internet of this infection. My videos has had more than 100,000 views.
  • To date despite pain and suffering, I still have a lump in my throat that was meant to have been biopsied on many years ago.
  • I have skin lesions that recently a consultant diagnosed as a form of Arteritis'. He immediately arranged urgent blood tests and a biopsy but changed his mind when he read my notes. He said that he "is obviously not a part of it" (recorded).
  • I had a lump in my right breast removed in 2002 but I had to pay privately for implants as the N.H.S. would not fund me. I now have a large lump under my arm and associated pain etc. 'reactive lymph nodes' have been found on Ultrascan but I have been refused further investigations and received no treatment for this.
  • I am receiving no treatment or investigations for bleeding from my bowels and post-menopausal bleeding, despite two holes recently found inside me.
  • At least one of my letters has been 'accidently' shredded according to the medical practise manager.
  • Despite abnormal blood test results I have not been seen for several weeks, including a severe kidney failure blood test result etc.etc.


I have suffered from hives all my life etc. I have very recently found out that my health problems are consistent with thyroid disease, especially the Uticaria/Hives. I have informed doctors for many years about the swelling of my neck, hair loss etc. and the strong family history of thyroid disease in my family, from my grandmother through to my daughter and more recently my granddaughter. Arteritis, that was recently diagnosed before the doctor suddenly changed his mind after reading my medical notes, is associated with Thyroid disease. I have been refused a thorough investigation on my thyroid. I have now been diagnosed with Bullous Pemphigoid.

 Three of my brothers (two of whom have now died) also had treatment for cancer (throat, lung, tongue). One of my brothers died aged 57 years of age; another died two days after his 60th birthday. I am in my late 50s

A consultant has informed me that it is the hospital, not the doctor who is 'worried' about being sued. He also said that 'they' have to be cautious. A recent blood test was 'cancelled before completion'. 

Is money worth more than the pain, suffering or even the life of a patient?

Is it a criminal offence to allow a patient to suffer unnecessarily and if not then why not?

My name is Shirley. I had five older brothers. Two of my brothers died close to the age that I am now. One in his fifties, the other two days after his 60th birthday.

Many years ago severe illness and ongoing problems with the medical profession led me to forming a medical negligence group. In the 1990s I exposed problems at our local hospital, including life-threatening hospital infections and lack of care for the elderly due to under-funding. The headlines ‘Dirty Surgery’ and ‘Lack of Care for the Elderly’ made me a laughing stock. Few believed that there were serious issues at our local hospital. I was publicly abused and humiliated until I received a letter signed by twelve junior doctors confirming what I had said was true.

We all know the problems with life-threatening hospital infections these days.  In those days my comments on hospital infections were 'in the realms of fantasy’ as stated in our local newspaper. It was a tough time proving the mistakes and cover-ups that were happening to patients. What I know about Morgellons will most probably make me a laughing stock yet again as this condition does seem in the realms of fantasy, even for me but I believe in the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, no matter how crazy the truth seems.

There are many conditions that cause the sensations of crawling on the skin. I have Diabetes that took many years to diagnose. Diabetic neuropathy causes these sensations as does Ehlers-Danlos. My skin is so sensitive that even the tiniest 'natural' fibre on my body makes me feel like I am infested by some.

We have to put these fears to one side until every stone is unturned to find a rational explanation for the fibres and crawling sensations. It has took me twenty years to find out the truth. Every test available should be tried, confirmed or eliminated. Only then can we say that there is something that defies all human knowledge is causing this suffering.

There are many reasons why we are denied healthcare. The hospitals are 'bursting at the seams' as Dr Ho at Manchester Royal Infirmary stated. Ignorant doctors make mistakes. Insurance companies are liable to pay compensation for those mistakes. The list is endless. I never gave up. There are answers, rational answers to Morgellons and all the other patients who are genuinely ill that have been told it is all in their minds. If only those patients united we could stop all this NOW! Look at my pictures. See who I am. Trust in me. We can help each other and put this suffering to an end.

A Brief Outline

In 1991 I became seriously ill after a series of dental injections. My hair fell out and my body was covered in sores and bruises. I felt like I was dying. A blood test arranged by Dr Mike Venning at Withington Hospital Manchester showed severe kidney failure but he did not believe it was mine. I received a letter saying that a ‘minor abnormality’ had been found’, enclosed was a routine appointment for several weeks later. At my follow-up appointment, I was starting to recover, although I was still very ill suffering from sores, severe weight and hair loss. Dr Venning  arranged another blood test showed and that showed low C3 and C4 levels.

About this time Dr Ead the dermatologist at the Royal Oldham Hospital said that I inflicted my sores myself and that I pulled my own hair out. I saw him again in 2007 but he still was of the same opinion even though my hair has grown back and is waist length, thick and healthy.

In 1992 My G.P. Dr Kate Buckley of Glodwick Health Centre in Oldham was baffled by my symptoms. Her routine blood test showed that my white cells were raised. She referred me to Dr Dunbar, an infectious disease specialist, at Monsall Isolation Hospital (now closed down). I have a copy of Dr Bucleys' referral letter and in it she asks ‘is this a new antibiotic induced disease?’

Dr Ed Dunbar said that I had Chronic Sepsis as I had a ‘persistently raised white cell count’. He even treated me with intravenous antibiotics. He also arranged an M.R.I. scan that showed that I had premature osteo-arthritis and a brain abnormality (possibly related to Spina-Bifida as I have a ‘major dimple’ at the base of my spine.

Most of this and numerous other abnormal results have only recently come to light as I was determined to put everything that I had into finding out what was wrong with me. There are so many anomalies in my medical files, so many abnormal test results that I have not been aware of. Test results have correcting fluid over and are handwritten on top of the fluid. I even have two different types of blood groups according to one hospital file.

It would take years to wade through my files but the most disgusting document that I have found is a memo taken by a D.Blythe. This is in my North Manchester General Hospital file. It states that Dr Dunbar said that am ‘mad’ and that I don’t have infections, even though he had treated me with intravenous antibiotics… On 27th May 2011, ‘The Pennine Acute Hospitals N.H.S. Trust’ offered their ‘unreserved apology’.

I believe that the comments from the doctors above particularly Dr Dunbar and Dr Ead obstructed my health care. I believe that there have been cover-ups over the years that probably relate to the birth of my daughter who was born with cerebral palsy due to premature birth and being stuck in the birth canal too long. The staff at Royal Oldham Hospital did not believe that I was in labour as TWO MONITORS WERE BROKEN!

I was also given a spinal injection that I have recently found out that I should not have had.  Why did they not see that I had a deformed spine, a major dimple etc.? Surely this should have been obvious signs that I could have a brain deformity?

Just before my diagnosis in March 2011 of the collagen problem that I have, Dr Gilmour the Dermatologist at ‘Tameside General Hospital’ refused my request to biopsy my sores despite offering to biopsy them at my initial appointment. She has discharged me without any investigations whatsoever. She even tried to dissuade my G.P. not to refer me to the rheumatologist that diagnosed my condition. Why? Recently on 7th December 2011 and January 31st 2012, two specialists at two different hospitals noticed the sore on my nose and said that it appears to be a Basal Cell Carcinoma.

Christine Green is the Chief Executive of Tameside General Hospital. I had dealings with her many years ago when a neurologist said that my symptoms were ‘not organic’. I received a pathetic apology when I paid privately to see another eminent neurologist who instantly diagnosed the Spina-Bifida that I have.

Thousands of people have joined a Facebook petition to ‘sack’ Christine Green but despite all the problems at ‘Tameside General Hospital’ including facing over a million pound deficit Christine Green remains in her position. Why?

Why am I still struggling for healthcare when I have a definitive diagnosis? I believe that there could well be something more sinister going on. Once again I believe that I am about to open a large can of worms that will expose those who have abused their power. Those wheels within wheels.

Maybe this time you just might believe what I say. Maybe you will do something sooner rather than later; before even more people suffer or even die… unnecessarily.

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